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A photographic community founded by a group of young, enthusiastic and passionate photo activists with a goal to make a difference. It is a platform for all photo lovers who live with the passion of seeing their world through the lens and showcasing their views through their photographic works.

Six years since coming to existence, Through the Lens: Bangladesh (TTL) now has more than 4,700 members. Born in the world of Internet, the community has utilized social media to the fullest extent, and established a significant presence in the ‘real world’ by bringing together photographers from all across the globe. It has become both a virtual and a real world platform for photographers to share creative ideas. By now, TTL’s name has already reached almost all photo enthusiasts of Bangladesh as a respectable organization based around photography.
A wide spectrum of innovative ideas keep TTL going. Activities like organizing ‘photowalks’ (group photo ventures), ‘safari’ tours (longer photo adventures), discussion programs, workshops and competitions, creating online learning bases, etc – make TTL a vibrant community. Activities like these have opened up a world of opportunities for anyone who wishes to embark upon it.

Bangladesh in Frames: Continuation of a Dream
Bangladesh’s presence in the world-wide-web is the first thing about this country seen by the rest of the world. And the world has seen more than a fair share of negativity about Bangladesh. Someone needed to do something to show that this country has no less potential than any other. Just when the country needed the soldiers to fight for its image on the Internet, TTL members jumped in, and they had been at the forefront of this image-building effort for the last six years or so.

And to bring that fight to the real world, TTL undertook its first photography exhibition entitled “Bangladesh in Frames” (BIF) in 2009. The exhibit was all about presenting the brighter and truer picture of this beautiful country. Today, in its fifth year, BIF has emerged as an icon of positive image of Bangladesh. Over time, BIF has also evolved into more than just a photo-exhibition; it has become a photo-festival. Events within the event has become the trademark of BIF. In its constant endeavor to connect its members through knowledge sharing and to create scopes for talented photographers, BIF has initiated innovative events like ‘Story in Frames’, where photographers show their photo-stories in audio-visual format and entertain comments from the audience. This innovative event has been hailed as a great way for young photographers to develop themselves. “Bangladesh in Frames V” is the continuation of a dream for TTL; a dream to showcase the potential of young Bangladesh.

Key roles in the project: [the_tags]

Art Direction: Aninda Kabir Avik (AKA)

Media Used: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop

[quote style=”1″] The final project output may not correspond to my original visualization & creating process. But this is the part of the birth pangs of the process. The primary challenge always involves the struggle in making the imaginary into something concrete. [/quote]
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